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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is among the most researched and popular aesthetic operations. It is aimed to achieve a smile similar to the smile of Hollywood celebrities.

"What does the Hollywood celebrity smile mean?" To explain the question, it should be noted that it is a term that refers to the oral structure and mouth-face harmony of world-famous stars. Although this is the source of inspiration, there are different operations within the scope of smile design. The main goal is to ensure that the appearance of the mouth is aesthetically pleasing. Upper teeth and lower teeth will look symmetrical together and exhibit an aesthetic harmony.

Determinants such as the size and length of the teeth, the structure of the tooth enamel, the health of the jawbone, the structure of the teeth, the color of the teeth, and oral hygiene are also considered under the category of Hollywood smile.

Moreover, the smile design not only improves the appearance of the mouth and therefore the face, but also maximizes the functionality of the oral parts. For example, if there is a rotten tooth, it is treated first, and then other procedures, if any, are started. Thus, toothache, bad breath, and chewing problems caused by decayed teeth are eliminated.


Hollywood Smile Treatments


The Hollywood smile, which falls into the category of smile design, is a combination of various treatments. An aesthetic smile can be lost due to genetic factors, accidents, and lack of oral care. Since these vary, Hollywood smile practices also vary from person to person. For some, the treatment ends after tooth bleaching, while others may need extra orthodontic treatment. Such situations are also effective on Hollywood smile prices, the number of sessions, and the duration of treatment.

In addition, the wishes of the patients can also serve as a roadmap in treatment. A personalized smile is designed on the basis of personal demands, complaints, and concerns. These will become clear after consultation and examination. Choosing a good dentist is extremely important in terms of the problem-free process and the quality of the results.


What Does the Hollywood Smile Promise?


There are no obstacles to having an artistic smile. The fact that different dental procedures are done easily is encouraging in this sense. Of course, in the process of obtaining the most ideal smile, the facial anatomy and jawbone structure of the person is also taken into consideration first.


Here are the most preferred procedures:


  • Treatment of gingivitis
  • Facial fillers,
  • Implants,
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Dental veneers,
  • Dental laminates,
  • Deep cleaning,
  • Dental bleaching/teeth whitening


Ceramic crowns, zirconium dental veneers, empress veneers, etc. These are all dental veneer treatments. At-home teeth whitening and In-office type teeth whitening applications are within the scope of professional bleaching.

Orthodontics deals with the jaw, tooth misalignment, and gingival position anomalies. Implants are artificial tooth roots; There are varieties such as endosteal, intramucosal, and subperiosteal. In face-filling operations, aesthetic procedures such as face filling, under-eye filling, and lip filling are applied.


Who is Suitable for a Hollywood Smile?


There are certain conditions for getting a Hollywood smile. It should not be perceived as "If these are not completed, aesthetic smile procedures cannot be performed". Rather, the mouth, teeth, and jaw parts must be healthy, and if there are problems with these facial areas, they must be repaired first.

It is important to evaluate the oral cavity with a holistic approach. For example, if there is a decayed tooth, dental veneer should not be applied before this is treated first. If there are tooth stains or if there are problems such as yellowing of the teeth and tartar, it is not recommended to make a crown or lamina before these are corrected. The non-aesthetic appearance caused by problems such as cracked teeth, split teeth, broken teeth, gingivitis, etc. will be corrected with Hollywood smile aesthetics.


Hollywood Smile Treatment Stages


It is easy to have an aesthetic smile, but for this process to go smoothly, planned progress of dental procedures is essential. Otherwise, the process may be challenging, and the results may not be satisfactory. Below are the stages of Hollywood smile design:

Consultation:  It is the dentist or clinic selection stage from the patient's perspective. The patient talks about his/her expectations, wishes, and the result he/she wants to achieve and gets answers by asking what he/she is curious about. The doctor also gives information about the Hollywood smile and tells what will happen before, during, and after the operation.


  • Medical Examination: The patient's medical history is checked, it is learned whether the person has a chronic illness. Past dental treatments are observed and an intraoral examination is performed. In addition to the teeth and gums, the jawbone and tooth root are also examined. X-rays are taken, information about the patient's sensitivity to anesthesia is obtained, and a treatment plan is created.


  • Preparation: After the Hollywood Smile operations to be applied to the patient are determined, the actions to be performed are started. Teeth and gum photos are taken. The patient's smile line is analyzed. Video recordings can be taken to learn the structure of the mouth and teeth. The resulting images are transmitted to the clinical laboratory. The 3D design is done in the dental clinic.


  • Treatment Process: Treatment begins after analysis, modeling, and examinations. Hollywood smile takes about 2-3 sessions. The duration of the operation and the number of sessions vary according to the case. The details of the procedure also vary according to the type of treatment.


Hollywood Smile Design Post-Operative Process


Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and modern methods in dentistry, smile design treatment, and post-operative process are comfortable. After the procedures, the patient does not experience intense discomfort. Pain and tenderness do not negatively affect daily life. The dentist can prescribe pain relievers, solutions, and creams, if necessary.


  • You should pay attention to oral care after Hollywood smile procedures.
  • You should do what is asked of you to protect your oral health.
  • You should go to follow-up appointments.
  • If you are advised to use medical drugs such as antibiotics, solutions, and food supplements, you should take them.


With the Osis Hollywood smile treatment, you will have the smile you dream of. You will also experience the privilege of having all the advantages from a comfortable treatment process to trouble-free aftercare. You can contact us to learn what you wonder about smile design, to get information about our other treatments, and to experience a comfortable treatment process.

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