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Laminate Veneer

Laminate veneers, commonly known as dental laminates also, are a procedure in which thin porcelain layers of the chosen hue, size, and shape are adhered to the surface of teeth that seen aesthetic flaws.

A laminate veneer is a very thin, glossy, flat porcelain plate that matches the form and color of the patient's other teeth, gums, and lips and ensures a genuine smile. A dentist then attaches them to the front surface of the tooth after laboratory preparation.

Laminates are frequently identical to real teeth due to the fact that they do not need tooth corrosion, do not become discolored by substances like as tobacco, tea, or coffee, and have light transmission capabilities. Consequently, they can be regarded as the most optimal cosmetic therapy procedure currently utilized.


Candidates for Laminate Veneer


Individuals with one of the following conditions may be considered candidates for laminate veneers.


  • Wanting to closing the diastemas, extending and contouring the teeth
  • Having damaged or fractured teeth
  • Do not like the discoloration of the teeth caused by antibiotics, in addition this, seeking a permanent whiteness
  • Do not like the own smile, thinking laminate veneer as a component of smile design
  • Considering laminate veneers as an option for slightly misaligned teeth


Procedure for Laminate Veneer


To begin, the patients' expectations are a significant part of the whole equation. For instance, they can be looking for a specific tint of white. Therefore, while selecting a model, the dentists try their best to take those tastes into consideration as much as possible.

After the desired option is chosen in consultation with the patient, the next step is to get an accurate duplicate by way of imprints. Some patients might need preliminary operations like dental cleaning, minimal grinding, or trimming before they can have their teeth aligned properly. When putting laminates, however, the enamel and shape of the tooth are not affected. This may be healthier for the their health in the long run.

The entirety of the procedure may take up to six days to complete. In point of fact, the actual treatment is typically performed at some point during the patient's second or third appointment at the dentist's office. The regions of concern are rendered numb with the topical administration of a local anesthetic. After that, the laminates are bonded to the teeth by the dentist. The whole operation usually takes between one and three hours to complete.


Recovery After a Laminate Veneer Application


It is important to adhere to the expert's advice in order to recover from the laminate veneers procedure in a pleasant manner. Depending on the kind of veneer treatment, several operations may be conducted throughout each session.

If the teeth are not cared for properly after having laminate veneers, some complications may emerge.

These include the potential of different stains on the laminate veneers, the development of cavities, and the occurrence of mouth-related issues. Because of these factors, OSIS is here to share its expertise with this procedure and to emphasize oral and dental care.

After the veneer is applied, the patient must never discontinue dental hygiene. As a typical person, she/he has to clean their teeth at least twice every day. Additionally, persons with laminate veneer teeth might benefit greatly from using dental floss. The tooth requires no more maintenance after the veneer has been put. As a typical tooth, just basic care is required.

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