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Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium crown or zirconia crowns is one of the dental restorative applications and refers to one of the new generation dental veneer methods. It can be applied to dental implants or natural teeth. It offers a more aesthetic dental appearance and promises a more impressive smile.

Zirconia dental crown stands out as it is a painless procedure completed in a short time. It is widely preferred in the treatment of conditions such as worn teeth (wear and tear on teeth), discolored teeth, and split teeth. It also serves the purpose of tooth conjunction. For this, dental bridges are formed over the surrounding teeth.


What is Zirconium Crown?


Zirconium is a material whose main component is zirconium dioxide. In dentistry, it is often preferred in the repair of split teeth, stained teeth, and broken teeth. There are different types of zirconium veneers:


  • Full contour zirconium crowns,
  • All-Translucent zirconium crowns,
  • Porcelain fused to metal (pfm) crowns,


You can also encounter monolithic zirconium and layered zirconium types of crowns. The variety is decisive in zirconia crown prices.


Why Zirconium?


It is no coincidence that this material, which is a type of ceramic, is frequently preferred by both dentists and patients. The advantages of zirconia are quite high both in itself and compared to other dental veneer applications.

Porcelain empress crown or zirconium crown? Is zirconium solid? Is it compatible with the tooth structure, what is its reaction to hot and cold? What are the disadvantages of zirconia crowns? Frequently asked questions like these are some of the issues that those who want to get dental treatment are curious about.

First of all, it should be noted that each dental treatment has its own pros and cons. However, it is important to say that ceramic material-containing zirconia (ceramic material) crowns are preferred over porcelain crowns and metal-based crowns.


  • Zirconium is stronger than porcelain.
  • Metal or gold crowns do not look like natural teeth, while zirconiums imitate natural teeth very well.
  • Allergic reactions that can occur with metal veneers do not occur with zirconiums.
  • The light transmittance ability of zirconium is very good, so it is difficult to distinguish them from natural teeth.
  • It is a good choice for those who have habits such as smoking and tea, as there is no staining problem on the dental crown surface.
  • It promises long-lasting use due to its high strength and durability.
  • They are Suitable for both anterior and posterior teeth as well as upper and lower teeth.
  • The posterior crowns are strong enough to allow the chewing of food.
  • In the application, neither the crown tooth nor the adjacent teeth are damaged.


Zirconium Crown Treatment Process


Dental crown applications are performed by a specialist doctor in a clinical setting. Although it is mostly performed under local anesthesia, a different procedure can be carried out with the consensus of the patient, doctor, and anesthesiologist.

  • The patient's oral cavity is examined, x-rays are taken, and if there are orthodontic defects, they are treated first.
  • It is observed whether there is a gingival margin anomaly, and if the teeth and gums are healthy, the dental veneering stage is started.
  • If the dentist deems it necessary, he may recommend dental practices such as teeth whitening. The veneer color is determined based on the natural tooth color of the patient.
  • Digital modeling is done, and temporary tooth coating can be applied to tooth surfaces. If the temporary “cap” fits without problems, it is replaced with a permanent zirconium crown.
  • With the before and after photos of Zirconia crowns, the difference between the old tooth alignment and the final state will be clearly evident.
  • The success and experience of the dentist will have an impact on the results of the zirconium veneer treatments.


Zirconium Aftercare


When the procedure is complete, the new zirconium teeth are ready for use. No serious side effects or complications are encountered. The patient should not eat for the first 1 hour and should not do oral care.

Taking care of oral health is essential for both natural and veneer teeth cleaning. Oral care is extremely important. The patient should brush their teeth regularly every day, and use dental floss and mouthwash. Normally, zirconium crowns are long-lasting. However, just like natural teeth, they need to be protected. For example, hard foods should be chewed properly, crusty foods should not be chewed. Periodic dentist controls should be visited without delay.

With Osis, you can have an aesthetic smile and have the opportunity to express yourself freely with dental veneers. You can contact us about all the issues you are curious about, including zirconium crown costs and other types of dental veneers.

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