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Health Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism in Turkey

What is Health Tourism?


Health tourism is the travel of a person from the country where he/she is located to another country for the purpose of protecting or improving health. Health tourism is a comprehensive term that covers travel for the implementation of treatments performed in the medical field.

The person who makes this trip is called a health tourist and the person benefits from many areas of health with this trip. The person who goes to a different region from his country for treatment benefits from the equipment of experienced and expert doctors in the country he/she is going to. Medical tourism is a very wide area that has recently started to revive in many countries. Health tourism in Turkey includes the services preferred by medical tourism candidates from all over the world.


Why Tourism is Important for Health?


Tourism activities; It is an area that increases the health development and well-being of the person and with this increase, it produces positive results in the clients. In some research, it is seen that the positive mood in people has increased significantly as a result of health tourism activities. İt is very important to always keep the field of medical tourism alive in order to develop and improve human health.



Main Reasons of Health Tourism


A few items can be shown among the reasons why health tourist candidates who want to benefit from health tourism obtain these services. In addition to treatment, reasons such as the desire to have a holiday of the person, the fact that the treatment resources in the country where he is located are low or expensive, the desire to benefit from quality health services, the desire to make the person's life more comfortable can be shown among these factors. Highly experienced and specialized staff, convenient location, first-class facilities, and flexible payment options are among the other factors in preferring health tourism.


Types of Health Tourism in Turkey


Health tourism describes traveling to different destinations in search of cost-effective health treatments. Medical tourism serves in many areas in itself and includes aesthetic or surgical services focused on increasing fertility in general. The services that patients benefit from most frequently within the scope of health tourism; cosmetic surgery, treatment to increase fertility, cancer treatment, organ transplantation, hair transplantation, and dental treatments come to the fore. Health tourism is divided into 3 different areas. 


  • Medical Tourism

It is a tourism area where various medical treatment services are offered in hospitals.

  • Thermal Tourism

It is the area where services such as rest and rehabilitation are provided in thermal facilities.

  • Elderly and Disabled Tourism

It is a type of health tourism that offers long or short term accommodation in treatment centers in the field of geriatrics.


The Best Countries for Health Tourism


The field of health tourism, which has been on the rise in recent years, has become popular in many countries. Among them, some stand out. Health tourism destinations, which are frequently preferred in the world, host thousands of patients every year. Canada, known for its surgical procedures such as plastic surgery, joint treatments, and heart disease treatments, is one of these countries. Known for its quality medical facilities, modern techniques, and advanced technology, Singapore is one of the other popular destinations that provide a very comfortable health service to its patients.

Abu Dhabi, the other country preferred for health tourism, is very popular in multiple organ transplantation and cancer treatments. The United Kingdom, which is an attractive country with fascinating health destinations, stands out with skin treatments, maxillofacial surgery, and facial care services. Turkey is another country that stands out with its affordable treatment fees and various health services.


Health Tourism in Turkey


Millions of people every year, he/she travels to Turkey for its historical symbols, delicious cuisine, wide beaches, and points worth seeing. Health tourism is also seen among the reasons for this travel, which has increased in recent years. Turkey, which has become a popular destination in the field of medical tourism, has become a country that provides world-class service in health tourism.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art products and well-equipped physicians, Turkey, which stands out in the field of medical tourism, is preferred by many foreign patients. Turkey, which is often preferred by foreign patients for affordable health treatments, provides many services under the title of health tourism.



What are the Most Common Medical Tourism in Turkey?

The medical facilities and hospitals that exist in Turkey offer many procedures and services for health tourists. These services are determined by specialist doctors according to the discomfort and personal demands of the person.

  • Plastic Surgery: It is a medical field offered to health tourists who want to be treated with aesthetic appearance concerns.
  • Beauty Centers: It includes aesthetic and skin care-oriented services.
  • Obesity and Bariatric Surgery: It includes all the treatments performed to eliminate stomach problems and help lose weight.
  • Fertility and Sterility: It is a health department that provides treatment services to increase the fertility rate, to solve reproductive and infertility problems.
  • General and Aesthetic Dentistry: It includes all the treatments performed to eliminate oral disorders, solve dental problems and achieve aesthetic appearance.
  • Physiotherapy: It includes health services carried out to eliminate the psychological disorders of the patient with innovative technological systems.